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Since products for end consumers are also displayed on the entire website, all prices incl. VAT (VAT)

Sure. In the first month, once the website goes LIVE, as with the maintenance contract, there is full support in case unexpected problems occur under real conditions. After that, there is limited support and, depending on the problem (effort, etc.), there may be additional costs (if no maintenance contract has been booked).

It is planned to expand the offers. Before this happens, however, it is necessary to evaluate what customers actually need. However, the range of plugins currently covers the most important areas that are usually needed for a normal website. And some of them are not so easy (cookies, SEO).

Please contact us by mail or the contact form. A solution can certainly be found.


Yes. No matter what your website looks like, no matter how many subpages it has, there is an imprint obligation! If the imprint is missing, warnings and (high) fines may occur.

The same applies here as with the imprint. A data privacy policy is mandatory. In the absence of a GDPR, warnings and (absurdly) high fines (up to millions) can occur.

This question also has to be answered with yes. As a rule, cookies are always set on a website. And the users of the website must be able to agree or deny them.

Not only a cookie banner is sufficient, the cookies must actually be set with consent and not set if refused.

If this is not the case or if you do not have a cookie banner at all, warnings and high fines are also threatened in this case.

There is no 100% protection against warnings. Even lawyers cannot guarantee 100% protection for such things.

Google services (Google Fonts, Google Maps, etc.) are popular traps for warnings. Fonts are therefore only integrated locally and are not retrieved by Google. Google Maps is generally dispensed with here, unless the customer wishes. But on the whole, care is taken to make the website as warning-proof as possible.

In general, the following applies: No liability is assumed for warnings to customers. In particular, however, if the customer does not provide legally secure texts (terms and conditions, data protection, revocation, imprint).

This depends primarily on the order situation (requirements, number of subpages, etc.), but on average you can expect 3 to 8 weeks.

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